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Weber Christensen + Heinrichs offers outsourced accounting and advisory services for emerging growth companies.

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  • Are you able to focus on what you love, or is accounting dragging you down?

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Income Tax Service

Whether your business, you, or your family need your individual income tax returns and business tax returns prepared, our team is ready to bring the cutting-edge tax technology to help you file your taxes, identify tax deductions and credits that can help you minimize your tax liability, and plan your tax saving strategy for this year and beyond.


outsourced bookkeeping

Maintaining your business’s financial records are necessary but can become tedious and cumbersome to manage yourself over time. Our team will help you with recording the financial transactions of a business, preparing basic financial statements, and reconciling your bank accounts. In addition, we also offer payroll services to help you make sure that your employees are paid and that the proper deductions are set up.


outsourced controller

Does your business have complex accounting issues? Our team will help you with your technical accounting needs that include preparing journal entries and advising you on complex topics, such as mergers and acquisitions, business valuations, and strategic planning.


Financial Planning & Analysis (FP+A)

Achieve your business goals by creating a financial plan. Our team will help you forecast your financial performance for the future and help you develop and implement budgets that are realistic and achievable. Ongoing monthly analysis of your financial performance will help to ensure that you stay on track and remain adaptable to your evolving business challenges.


financial statement services

Whether a review or compilation is needed, our financial statement services team has the industry knowledge and experience in tailoring the review and compilation process to focus on the important accounting matters most relevant to your business. We can also provide internal audit services and financial statement preparation – whatever the demands of your business, our professionals are ready to help.


estate management services

Maximize the benefit from your existing estate plan by managing it well. Our team will help you understand the tax implications of your estate plan designed by your attorneys. We walk alongside you to ensure all the logistics to follow to maintain your estate are being executed.

Your growth is our goal.

At WCH, we approach every client relationship as exactly that: a relationship. We understand how intimidating accounting and compliance are, and we know you didn't get into your business so you could be a bookkeeper.

Accounting should be about more than just numbers. It should be about how those numbers can be used to make your business smarter, more agile, and more successful. Our mission is to serve our clients with growth-minded advice, alongside excellent accounting and tax services.

With more than 40 years' combined experience in some of the world's biggest firms, and serving hundreds of clients annually, we know what it takes to help emerging companies grow even more successfully.

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The benefits of having a reliable, talented accounting advisor are innumerable! Here are a few things that will change your finances: 

  • Experience peace of mind from having your finances in order
  • Having an expert that can help you with any challenges that might arise with taxes or your business
  • Don’t make avoidable mistakes with an advisor that has seen many of the challenges you will face. 

You’ll know exactly how much money you really have and where to allocate that money: expenses, profit, investments, etc.

Yes! Every penny counts for young, growing businesses. Avoiding missteps that can set you back a whole year is completely worth the investment. Plus, you’ll be able to avoid messy books and wasting money.

Thanks for asking! We pride ourselves on being educated to the highest level when it comes to accounting - and we are 100% committed to helping you make a lot of money. Here’s a few ways we do that: 

  • When a company is growing it’s easy to misspend money. We’ll help you understand your balance sheet and make sure profits are being managed to help build the future of your company.
  • When we take care of your accounting you can stay focused on visions, goals, and what you care about instead of getting bogged down in financial details. 
  • We’ll give you timely, useful advice to help you make solid business decisions.

Taxes can be extremely complicated - and making sure you are preparing for them is no walk in the park. Whether or not you choose WCH CPA’s we recommend you find a professional to help you with your taxes. In the meantime, here are some things to remember: 

  • Always keep accurate, organized records
  • Ensure you are filing all the information necessary: W2, W3, 1099’s etc. 
  • Remember that you will have to pay taxes - and don’t be surprised by them! Make sure you know how much money you really have and don’t spend too much on capital expenditures. Instead, save some for tax expenditures. 
  • Don’t try to make taxes “go away” by spending more money to save on your taxes. If you don’t grow from the financial investments you make, you haven’t handled your money well. 
  • Get comfortable with the amount of money you need to set aside for taxes each quarter and make it happen! 

You should start paying estimated taxes on April 15, or the year after your first year of profitable growth.

The best thing you can do is to have a tax strategy in hand and implemented before emergency strikes. If you have a CPA make sure they stay completely informed throughout the year. Beyond that, keep accurate records - either yourself, or with the help of a bookkeeper. And don’t forget to start preparing for tax season ahead of time so you can save up an adequate amount of money!

Important records like operating agreements and deeds should be kept indefinitely. Regular financials should be kept for 7-8 years which is the normal error period for the IRS.

The main time you need to contact your accountant is after a big milestone or event - like a raise, bonus, or equity granted.

In general, your accountant can’t know too much! The more they know, the better they can advise you. However, here are some things your accountant should definitely know about!

  • Buying your home. A good accountant can help you prepare for this
  • Buying or selling an investment property
  • Businesses should communicate clearly about things like financial strategies for the year, capital expenditures, investments, and added personnel.
WCH is a team of diverse individuals


As you innovate in your industry and disrupt the status quo, you find it harder and harder to manage your finances. So you hand over bookkeeping and tax preparation to an outsider.

But if that's all you ask of your accounting provider, that's all you can ever expect to get. WCH knows that emerging growth companies need to leverage everything at their disposal in order to keep growing. Your accounting services partner ought to be a vital resource for you.

That's why we do what we do here at WCH. Not only do we offer the best in accounting, but we combine that with advisory services that go beyond the numbers. We want to help growing businesses plant themselves on a solid footing by giving you the right numbers when you need them, and providing specific guidance based on your unique circumstances.

Together, we can go beyond basic accounting, and make your company's numbers actually work for you.

our clients are thrilled

"WCH has been working seamlessly with my company for over 4 years. They truly are the Navy Seals of the CPA world – you hardly know they are there when they are working in the background to keep things running smoothly, but you definitely know they are there when you need help”


You deserve more than just basic accounting.

An alarming amount of business leaders and athletes feel out of control when it comes to their finances - even if they are making money. 

They don’t have the knowledge, resources, or infrastructure in place to make sound financial decisions. As a result, they stumble about, hoping to make good decisions and grow their business. But deep down, they doubt every financial decision they make. 

If that describes you, don’t panic. 

WCH is here to get you organized, take over the accounting you don’t want to do, and help you turn financial insight into action so you can meet your business goals. 

We’ll have you relaxing on the golf course in no time knowing your business financials are run efficiently and delivering value for stakeholders! 

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