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Grow your practice intelligently.

Outsourced accounting and advisory services for doctors, dentists, and mental health providers

Minimize Expenses

Manage Cash-flow

Plan for Future Growth

Mis-Managed Finances Cause Practices to Struggle With...

  • Budgeting for growth and expansion of the practice

  • Overcommitting capital to expanding practice

  • Understanding ongoing cash-flow requirements

  • Maintaining an optimal % of profit each year

Manage Your Practice For Growth

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Minimize Expenses

Understanding the nuances of expense management and industry specific tax credits is difficult. We work with your internal team to implement cost accounting principles and apply all available tax credits to maximize cash flow and profit.


Manage Cash Flow

We help you avoid a cash crisis by projecting when, where, and how cash will be needed throughout the year. Then, we he help identify  the best sources to meet your additional cash needs and maintain healthy relationships with your bankers, so that your practice can thrive.


Plan for Future Growth

We work to understand your goals for the future and design the appropriate financial systems and processes to help you achieve them. As partners, we review  your financial results regularly and apply experience learned across industries to help you do more of what you love and remain profitable.

Knowing how much cash you need to have on hand is hard.

You went to school to pursue your passion for providing health and healing to your community, not to be an expert in accounting and cash-flow management. But we did.  And, we’ve helped thousands of providers plan for and achieve growth that allows them to expand their practices and their reach.

How It Works


We Get To Know Your Financials

We work with your bookkeeping team to access financial data that will help us understand your monthly income & expenses to determine your cashflow. Then we get to know what your vision is for your future and how you’d like to grow.


Create a Budget To Maximize Profit

Based on the day to day cashflow needs of your current practice. We help you set a budget that will maximize profit and set the stage for achieving the growth you envision.


Watch Your Practice Grow

With appropriate planning and sound financial models, you get to expand your practice, reaching more people and doing more of what you love.

Your Practice's Financial Success is Our Priority

At WCH we know that you want to grow your practice so you can do more of what you love for more people. In order to do that, you need to have a solid understanding of your current practices’ financials so that you can grow intelligently.  The problem is understanding balance sheets is difficult and is not something you are an expert in, making it easy to overextend yourself financially and risking success. We believe all health care providers ought to have an external advisor that will help them minimize expenses, understand cash flow, and establish a plan for future growth.

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What our clients say

"Lou Cirignano has been a huge relief/ value for me as a business owner.   Lou became my virtual accountant over a year ago now, and my accounting has shifted from a burden to a breeze.  Lou corrected Quickbook configurations for me, helped me navigate through challenging reconciliations and educated me on Quickbooks along the way.   Lou is readily available, fast, efficient, and accurate.  She is also flexible.  She enables me to stay hands-on with the accounting pieces that are most important to me and to delegate the balance that can become time-consuming.  Looking back, I can remember the hesitancy I had handing the books over to someone else.  In a nutshell, trust is key.  I trust Lou and am grateful for her critical support of my business.