Business Audit Preparation & Planning

You can never be too prepared for an audit

Make a demanding process easier on everyone by outsourcing your audit prep

Save time

Minimize Costs

Be fully prepared

A Disorganized Audit is Costly

Without well organized documents to complete an audit efficiently, your auditor will spend more time on site, racking up costs to your organization and demanding additional hours by your internal staff.

AUDIT Planning SERVICES we offer

  • Roll forwards

  • Consolidations

  • Draft financial statements, including footnote disclosures

  • Research accounting concepts and concerns

  • Education and Training

  • Reconciliations

  • Cash flow tie-outs

  • Tie Out Binders

  • Preparing technical accounting position papers

  • Implementation of ASC 606 and 842

Keep Your Business under SEC Compliance

  • Addressing technical accounting issues
  • Establishing filing schedules and dependencies
  • Preparing the initial draft filing
  • Coordinating the edit and review processes
  • Performing quality control checks
  • Preparing tie-out binders as a key control
Make A Demanding Process Easier and Less Costly.

Save Time

Your company can spend as much time preparing for an audit as the audit firm does conducting the onsite portion. By having an experienced outsourced accounting team prepare your company for the audit, your team will be able to focus on key daily accounting tasks instead of on preparing for the audit.

minimize audit

Minimize Audit Costs

Keep audit costs at a minimum by having all required documentation organized and prepared in a way that the auditor can quickly and effectively use them.This will limit the auditor’s need to spend more time asking questions and compiling documentation, saving you time and money.


Be Fully Prepared

Knowing exactly what is required by auditors is something that only years of experience can provide. However, company can access the wisdom and best practices of seasoned accounting experts with decades of top level audit expertise allowing companies to have their financial statements in ideal shape for any audit that could arise, at any time.

our straightforward approach to audit preparations


Compile & Review Financials

We’ll compile your workpapers, review account balances, prepare financial statements, reconciliations and schedules in a way that the auditor can quickly and effectively use them to complete the audit in a timely manner, minimizing the personnel and financial impact.


We Communicate On Your Behalf

Auditors can have a lot of technical questions that are difficult to answer. We’ll be the first line of defense for your organization, communicating with the auditor on your behalf to ensure your audit is successful.


Breeze Through The Audit

Now you can sit back and relax knowing that your financials are prepared exactly as the auditors need them. The auditors will be able to do their job and you can rest assured that any risk for additional costs to your organization will be minimized.

clients value our audit prep services

"The WCH TEAM is the best ever. I always know that they will protect me, be honest with me and always have my best interest at heart! They keep me up to date with current information and are there for me when I need advice and guidance!”


You deserve more than just BASIC accounting.

Your company must have a foundation of accurate numbers and straightforward advice in order to grow successfully. Get that foundation with help from Weber Christensen + Heinrichs. You can view all our accounting services here.