Financial Planning & Analysis Services

Run your business intelligently with robust financial planning tools, expert guidance, and timely support

feel in control of your finances

manage financial stressors

achieve business goals

Growing businesses often struggle without strong financial planning


time restraints

Leaders often resort to basic financial forecasting by focusing solely on building out their income statement projections because it can be time and resource consuming to build out and forecast the impacts to the balance sheet. Without the time to analyze the complexities of their balance sheet, leaders might find their cash projections off mark.


tunnel vision

No one knows a businesses better than the leaders but this can lead to seeing its finances from one perspective. Without an objective resource, businesses can miss critical data points that can affect their top and bottom lines.


low accountability

Controlling costs is difficult, especially when the unexpected happens. Without timely, focused financial “check ins” to forecast, review and manage a budget it is nearly impossible to maintain control over the bottom line.

Financial Planning & Analysis clients receive

  • Creation of 3-Statement Financial Model that incorporates the balance sheet and statement of cash flow into income statement forecasting.

  • Development and implementation of an active monthly budget based on financial modeling

  • Review, analysis, and reporting of monthly financial data including variance analysis, cash flow, and margins.

  • Monthly financial review meetings to identify and address discrepancies and irregularities

Manage your business intelligently


feel in control of your finances

  • Have the tools you need to make informed decisions
  • Set realistic financial goals and know if/when you’re on track
  • Implement financial systems that go beyond spreadsheets
  • Establish sound, secure practices that ensure stability

manage financial stressors

  • Know monthly cash flow and expenses
  • Manage investments and cash balances to maintain sufficient resources
  • Understand the timing and significance of upcoming financial events

achieve your business objectives

  • Set realistic financial objectives based on real time data
  • Chart a roadmap to ensure milestones are met and growth occurs
  • Free up leadership’s time to focus on critical growth drivers
  • Achieve cost savings and maximize profitability

forecast and plan for your future

  • Establish departmental budgets
  • Understand how top down decision making affects bottom line
  • Make sense of complex financial data so you can be decisive
how the process works



Get to know the business structure, financial goals, and do a deep dive into current financials including income statement and balance sheet.



Analyze key financial data collected to identify & list KPI’s, drivers, and financial assumptions. Review model with client and adjust.



Ongoing collection, analysis, and reporting of financial data with findings presented in monthly client meetings to ensure visibility and informed business planning.

Business Growth In Real Time

“IXI was the first customer of WCH. We were the first customer because Matthias Weber had provided exemplary support to IXI at his previous firm. We have not only never regretted our decision to use the services of WCH, we take every opportunity to refer professional associates to them. IXI has benefited from the expertise of WCH to significantly reduce its tax liabilities. Over the years, IXI has benefited from a significant reduction of taxes, identification of opportunities to minimize taxes and identification of business structuring that allow the business to grow. We have an extraordinary working relationship built on trust and mutual benefit. IXI has been able to increase investment of capital into the business for future growth rather than pay more taxes. IXI has increased investment in R&R, business development and acquisitions as a direct rest of the support provided by WCH.”


Financial Planning and Analysis Services and the WCH Ecosystem

WCH Bookkeeping

By using the clean data bookkeepers use in their monthly reporting, we can build accurate financial projections.

WCH Tax Services

We work with our tax team to create tax planning estimates directly within our software so clients can see when they need cash for the pesky tax due dates.  In addition, we work with the tax team to incorporate any tax AJEs needed for the company’s finances

Management Advisory Services Team

Outsourced Controller
We help ensure that your accounting is being done correctly. Designing the financial processes and systems to ensure that you are accurately reporting your business activities to your finances

Financial Statement Services
We help to produce any compilations or reviewed financial reports to help you obtain the financing that you need from your creditors and lenders.

unlock the full potential of your business

Our team of professionals will work closely with you to forecast and plan for the future by providing detailed financial forecasts, scenario analyses and financial models. With our FP&A services, you will have the tools you need to make better strategic and tactical decisions, increase your profitability, manage risks, achieve cost savings, and control your cash flow.