Outsourced Bookkeeping & Accounting

Freedom to focus on growing your business

Have peace of mind knowing that you will receive detailed,
accurate books each month.

Save time

Save Money

Make Better Decisions

Making Good Decisions Is Impossible without Accurate Financial Information

  • Do you feel like you have control over your businesses’ finances?
  • Do you have a clear picture of how you spend your money?


  • Are you spending valuable time on managing payroll, following up on payments due, or paying your vendors instead of driving revenue?
  • Can you identify important historical trends in order to plan accurately for the future?
  • Are your books well organized? Could you easily provide any third party such as the IRS with pertinent financial information regarding your business at any time?

Bookkeeping Services we offer

  • Accounts Payable

  • Sales Tax Reporting

  • Review of bank reconciliations

  • Reconciliation of balance sheet account

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Banking & Credit Reconciliation

  • Weekly review of detailed coding

With Outsourced Accounting You Save Time, Save Money, and Make Better Decisions


Spend your time where it matters most

Use your expertise to run your business. When you spend your resources managing your books instead of focusing on driving growth, nobody is winning.

minimize audit

Maximize your tax savings

Allow a highly trained expert to categorize your income & expenses in ways that will benefit your company the most at tax time.


Avoid drudgery

Let us pull together pertinent financial information for third parties by having well organized books on a day to day basis.


Make better decisions

Use your past performance to make decisions about the future. Should you hold less inventory in some months than in others? Should your working capital be allocated differently across different months? By tracking and reporting your past, you can make better decisions in the future.


Allocate Your Spending More Effectively

Businesses should have a clear picture of exactly what works and what doesn’t. Did you spend more than you should have on an area that isn’t generating income? Should you instead focus on spending on a different area that is generating more? Without proper record keeping and reporting, having answers to questions like this is impossible.

How It Works


We Get Access To Your Books

We ask for accountant’s access to your bookkeeping platform, credit card and bank statements.


We Keep You Organized

On a monthly or quarterly basis, we reconcile your accounts and provide a report as simple or complex as your business needs to help you make informed decisions.


Save Time & Money

Simply put, when you have an expert managing your books you’ll have more time in your day, spend less time preparing your financials end with business, and you’ll maximize the benefits to your business.

What our clients say

"I have had the pleasure of working closely with Lou and her team at WCH. As the principal bookkeeper for our firm, Lou has been responsive, timely, accurate, able to solve challenges with ease and technically proficient. It is also rare to find someone of her caliber who smiles through the phone and has a sense of humor. I would recommend Lou and her team to any company who prefers to concentrate on what they do best and leave the bookkeeping to the experts.”


You deserve more than just BASIC accounting.

Your company must have a foundation of accurate numbers and straightforward advice in order to grow successfully. Get that foundation with help from Weber Christensen + Heinrichs. You can view all our accounting services here.