Real Estate Taxation

Take the Stress out of Real Estate Taxes & Accounting

Tax compliance, outsourced accounting, and advisory services for Real Estate professionals.

Never Miss a
K-1 Deadline

Maximize Allowable Deductions

Maintain Deal Economics

Real Estate Taxation Is Complicated

  • Do you lack technical and transactional expertise beyond what a property manager can provide?
  • Are you able to ensure that the economics of a transaction are maintained?
  • Do you struggle to accurately calculate and track distribution waterfalls?

  • Does your team have the capacity to perform the sophisticated planning required to maximize the depreciation of assets as needed?

  • Can you make sense of the complexities of 1031 Exchanges?

  • Do you struggle to meet important K-1 deadlines for your investors?

Eliminate the Stress of Tax Compliance


Meet Investor Deadlines

Getting your investors what they need, when they need it allows you to maintain healthy relationships with your capital providers. Make their lives easier by giving them what they need to file their taxes accurately and on time.

minimize audit

Maximize Financial Outcomes

Whether you want to ensure that your tax returns mirror the economics of a deal, strategically plan to maximize allowable depreciation of assets, or accurately calculate and track distribution waterfalls  we work to maximize the positive financial outcomes for your business.


Access Technical Expertise

Oftentimes,  internal accounting staff and property managers are limited in their  technical and transactional expertise. We provide invaluable clarity and guidance around complex real estate transactions including 1031 exchanges.

It’s Impossible to Know Everything

Whether you are a real estate developer, investor, engineer, focus solely on entitlement, or own and manage property; the accounting requirements are complex and maximizing financial outcomes is imperative.  More often than not our clients are in need of the technical and transactional expertise that are beyond what a property manager is able to provide. With over 15 years of experience working across all sectors of the real estate industry our team of seasoned accounting professionals allow you to meet investor deadlines, ensure tax returns mirror transaction economics,  and most importantly that you are able to maximize allowable deductions. We make real estate tax compliance easy, eliminating stress and freeing you up to focus on the parts of the business that you love.

Here's what our clients say

“Due to the complexity and diversity of our business ventures, working with WCH has allowed us to meet the timely reporting deadlines and successfully stay in compliance with our lenders, bonding company, JVs as well as federal and state agencies. 

WCH provides a high level of expertise with regards to the tax law.  Their responsiveness to our questions and concerns allows us to internally prepare financial statements with a higher level of accuracy.”


How It Works


Get Up To Speed on The Deal

We partner with you to understand the type of property, parties involved, and waterfall implications.


Review the Books

We work with your property manager to gain access and review the books to ensure that they reflect all transactions correctly including capitalization, purchase, and eventually the sale.


Meet All Your Deadlines

Working together we ensure that all parties’ reporting deadlines are met with both accuracy and timeliness so that you maintain healthy relationships across the board.

We believe real estate tax compliance ought to be easy.

At WCH CPA's, we know that you want to have guidance and clarity when it comes to the tax implications and financial outcomes of your real estate transactions. In order to do that, you need to have a tax partner that has the technical and transactional expertise that only comes from years in the industry.    We believe you ought to have an external advisor that will help you plan and prepare to make every transaction a success financially while not losing sight of meeting important reporting deadlines for investors and government agencies. We sweat details, so you can focus on doing more of the work you love.

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