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Don’t let what you don’t know hurt you

  • Is the profit that you see really a surplus? Or should it be reserved for unforeseen circumstances such as warranties, recalls, or unpredictable losses?
  • Do you compulsively think about your company’s financial situation? Wondering if it is healthy enough to drive growth & withstand challenges?
  • Are you confident in your internal team’s ability to provide the kind of senior-level insight and guidance to help you achieve your goals? 

Advisory Services We Offer

  • Outsourced scalable accounting department

  • Fractional CFO/Controller

  • Budgeting & Forecasting

  • Economic modeling

  • B2B & B2G pricing and contract negotiation

  • Financial automation support

  • Investor presentation deck development

  • Financial reporting system recommendations

  • Corporate training services

Financial Leadership You Can Count On


Confidence in Your Financial Future

Whether you are considering an IPO, capital raise, or simply require financial modeling for a potential growth opportunity that’s on the horizon; MAS clients are able to have peace of mind and confidence in their decision making knowing that they are operating from an informed and well organized point of view, fully aware of what the outcomes could be in any major event being considered.


Improved employee retention

Providing your internal accounting and finance teams with access to external technical expertise on demand makes it possible for employees to grow in their knowledge, improving morale and job satisfaction while also allowing the organization to move forward in a timely and efficient manner.


We sweat the complexities
so you don’t have to

Emerging growth businesses often require assistance interpreting and implementing complex accounting standards including revenue recognition, leasing, consolidation, purchase accounting, capital arrangements, and stock-based compensation amongst other things. Good news is, your team doesn’t have to sweat the complexities, we’ve got that part covered, so you can focus on what you do best, running your business.


Be Prepared for an unexpected audit

Growing companies can go from bank compiled books to audited by a Big 4 firm in the blink of an eye. Maintain “clean,” well prepared, books that allow swift movement to an audit and eliminate undue stress on the internal team or overruns by the audit firm.

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“IXI was the first customer of WCH. We were the first customer because Matthias Weber had provided exemplary support to IXI at his previous firm. We have not only never regretted our decision to use the services of WCH, we take every opportunity to refer professional associates to them. IXI has benefited from the expertise of WCH to significantly reduce its tax liabilities. Over the years, IXI has benefited from a significant reduction of taxes, identification of opportunities to minimize taxes and identification of business structuring that allow the business to grow. We have an extraordinary working relationship built on trust and mutual benefit. IXI has been able to increase investment of capital into the business for future growth rather than pay more taxes. IXI has increased investment in R&R, business development and acquisitions as a direct rest of the support provided by WCH.”


You deserve more than just BASIC accounting.

Your company must have a foundation of accurate numbers and straightforward advice in order to grow successfully. Get that foundation with help from Weber Christensen + Heinrichs. You can view all our accounting services here.