Income Tax Services in California

Filing Tax Returns Is About More Than Just Compliance

Have a competitive advantage

Minimize Tax Exposure

Maximize Cash

When it Comes To Taxes,
What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Without an understanding of the cash requirements of a growing business, leaders can often mistake profit for cash available to spend. This can leave the business without the necessary capital to invest in things like inventory, R&D, or other growth driving initiatives in future months, limiting their ability to drive new revenue.

INCOME TAX Preparation SERVICES we offer

  • Income Tax Provisions and Compliance

  • Multi-State Nexus Study

  • Income tax projections & estimates

  • Income tax cash flow management

  • Partnership distribution consultation

  • Specialists in IC-DISC set up and consulting

Make Every Dollar Work For You

When your taxes are well managed throughout the year,
Tax Services leaders can:


Have a competitive advantage

Outplay the competition by having a lower effective tax rate and therefore more gas in the tank.


Maximize cash flow

By understanding the amount of cash that must be paid to the government and when, you can minimize the amount due throughout the year.


Minimize Tax Exposure

Ensure your organization takes advantage of all available industry-specific credits.


Have a plan for your cash that maximizes growth

Income tax is typically the largest expense a profitable company has. Understanding this requirement and planning for it, allows business owners to plan accordingly and utilize remaining cash to drive growth.

minimize audit

Avoid The Common Tax Shelter Pitfalls

Unfortunately, sales pitches can be misleading. More often than not, tax shelters cost businesses far more than they stand to gain from them. We work to help our clients steer clear from any scheme, saving them valuable time, money, and sparing them the inevitable emotional rollercoaster that comes with being audited for such transactions.

Whether you are an individual or a Corporation, we make Income Tax Services A Piece of Cake.


We collect & organize your tax documents


We Prepare Your Tax Return


We Maximize Your Tax Savings

What our tax clients say

"Working with WCH has been awesome. I personally own several businesses and went through a number of different accountants, all of which had various assets and liabilities. The thing about that is an accountant should have NO LIABILITIES. The IRS isn't interested in excuses. They want things done right. Matthias and Philip make sure that it is done correctly. I never have to worry about anyone knocking on my door from the IRS because I know that I've paid what I owe and not a penny under or a penny over (the penny over is important). Our bookkeeper Lou always goes the extra mile to make sure that our expenses are up to date and that our Quickbooks are presentable at all times. We wouldn't use anybody else. I highly recommend WCH.”


You deserve more than just BASIC accounting.

Your company must have a foundation of accurate numbers and straightforward advice in order to grow successfully. Get that foundation with help from Weber Christensen + Heinrichs. You can view all our accounting services here.