Navigate 2020 Losses with 2021 Strategy

We’ve learned a lot this year. And it’s only a wasted experience if we don’t apply what we’ve learned to the future. There’s no magic bullet to hurry up the economy, but there are key strategies that you can start applying today.

  1. Identify if your competitors are losing any key employees that you can pick up.
    In addition to job cuts, not everyone is taking care of their employees. Adding top talent to your workforce could be the next best thing to ‘getting back to where you were’ because it’s a way to get ahead of the competition in the future.
  2. Can you bring in more top-line revenue?
    When operations slow, it gives you more time to build your pipeline based on your current client list. And likely, your salespeople have more time to start building those relationships than when business was booming.
  3. Look back to your 2020 projections.
    When you review your projections made for 2020, how did you come up with your numbers? Sometimes companies have a plan to grow but don’t have a plan for how that will happen. Make sure you have a growth plan that includes a strategy and a way of making solid projections. Construction companies look to architect’s plans to predict future contracts in the next quarter. What are your predictions based on?

There are so many directions you can choose in 2021. But crazy town doesn’t have to be one of them. Instead, dedicate the time you need to make strategic moves that make sense for next year and the one after that.

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